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Fitness after 40 is an Internet series encompassing the rejuvenation of Shawn Ray as he gets back into the gym at the age of 40, and transforms his life into one of activity and healthy eating, after a 5 year layoff. The series is funny, entertaining, and if you’re a fan of bodybuilding, it’s a chance to get to know … Read More

Episode 1

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Bob Cicherillo gets inside the head of retired pro bodybuilder Tom Prince. You don’t want to miss this in depth


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Exclusive footage from the 2006 Orange County Tournament of Champions. Plus, TOC winner Gina Aliotti shows us her specialized leg


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Milos Sarcev is back with a new Fit Show Hardcore. Milos trains 50-year-old competitor Mona Krause during a 1,000+ rep


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Superstar trainer Charles Glass trains Jerome ‘Hollywood’ Ferguson just days before the 2006 Nationals. Gunter Schlierkamp makes a special appearance


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Frank Roberson ‘The Texas Tornado’ & fiance Mary Alcorn go over the secrets of great posing, Tornado Style!’ Everything you


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Today on The Fit Show, Charles Glass trains legs with Jenny Lynn. Jenny goes through a very fast pace workout


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This week we take a look back at the 2006 Labor Day Weekend at Muscle Beach. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger presents


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The Fit Show takes an insider look with Peter McGough at the never before seen Weider offices. Where do they